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Mission Statement

The mission statement for our learning community is: “Working together to lead and grow”. The expectations for our students, otherwise known as Spindale "Bees" and our staff is as follows:


  • BEE Ready
  • BEE Respectful
  • BEE Responsible
  • BEE Safe

“By Being Ready, Respectful, Responsible, and Safe, Spindale Bee’s Lead!”

The adoption of these core beliefs and principles came about through numerous discussions among the staff and parents, teacher grade-level meetings, School Improvement Team Meetings, NCStar Team Meetings, Total School Support Team Meetings, Core Leadership Team Meetings, Local Advisory Board meetings, parent involvement nights, and parent/teacher conferences. 


SES is a community school that very much operates on the belief that it takes a village to raise our children. Thankfully, we have a very giving community village that helps support several programs and initiatives in our school. We make very diligent and concerted efforts to foster an environment that supports not only the academic learning of students but also the social and emotional learning of students for we know if the basic needs of our students are not met very little learning will occur. 


Our mission drives us daily to ensure the students of Spindale Elementary are afforded a high-quality education in a safe and caring environment. As such, we will continue to pursue thoughtful conversations, planning, and dedication by our staff, parents, and stakeholders as we make continuous improvement efforts on behalf of our students.