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School Characteristics and History

     Spindale Elementary is nestled in the heart
of an old textile milling town.  The town of Spindale
is centrally located in Rutherford County
(population of 67,000) in the southwestern
section of North Carolina.  The town has a
population of 4,022 people and was incorporated
in 1923.  Formerly known as the textile center
of the county, Spindale had four textile plants
operating at one time (all of which are no longer in business). 
As with many communities in recent year,
unemployment rates have risen to over 14% in the
area and have had a tremendous impact on our school families. 


     The present school building was completed
in the winter of 2004.  The previous building,
which housed students from 1937-2004, was torn
down within days after the staff and the students moved
into the new facility in March, 2004.  During the period
1937-2004, Spindale School had been under the capable
leadership of only three principals:  Mr. Paul H. Huss,
Mr. Clyde C. Harrill, and Mrs. Carolyn H. Keever. 
Spindale Elementary is located within walking distance
to the Main Street restaurants, the public library, the
Spindale House recreation center, and both the local
police and fire stations.  Over the years, the Spindale
Police Department and the school have developed a 
strong and supportive relationship with each other. 


     With a student population of 450 PreK-5 students,
approximately 80% of our students come from
low-socioeconomic households.  As a school, our
challenge has been not just to teach the children in
our care, but to provide the students with a community
of support which has enabled them to make great
strides in achievement.  Communities in Schools has
partnered with the school for several years and has
been instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals. 
Spindale Elementary was recently recognized as a
“Title I Distinguished School for Closing the Achievement
Gap.”  Spindale was one of eight schools selected in the
state for this prestigious honor.  This current year,
Spindale is proud of its designation as an “Exemplar
School in the North Carolina Positive Behavior
Intervention & Support Initiative.”