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     Spindale Elementary School’s vision is to create leaders who will engage in positive decision-making and become successful members of society. The staff believes that every student has the potential to be a leader, both academically and socially. In order for our students to overcome obstacles that may hinder their pathways to success, it is important for them to believe that they possess the ability within themselves to take charge of both their decision-making and lives.  


    In terms of student learning, the school’s broad vision is for ALL students to demonstrate significant growth and attain grade level proficiency standards by the end of each academic school year. This broad vision aligns with local, state, and federal priorities in that a strong foundation is absolutely essential if we expect our students to be college and career ready upon exiting high school.


    Through careful analysis and discussion of numerous data sources during grade-level meetings, School Improvement, NCStar, MTSS Teams, work sessions, and professional development activities, teachers and administrators identify specifically what we want our students to know and be able to accomplish. We want students to be able to read for understanding, think creatively, strategize, problem-solve effectively, and collaborate successfully. Our ultimate goal is to instill a passion for lifelong learning in our children so that they continue to ask questions, seek answers, wonder, and explore. Through the use of H.I.V.E. time (Housing InterVention and Enrichment), we have and will continue to incorporate small group reading instruction times based on ability levels, as well as leveled intervention time for math and reading so that individual learning needs are met. These leveled groups coupled with grade-level instruction through the use of the district-provided Literacy Instruction Framework, Canvas, and Math Instruction Framework should help our students to become successful in all academic areas, thus helping them to show vast improvement on their EOG's, Istation, and MAP scores.


    The vision we have for our students stems specifically from the trends we discovered in mCLASS (will now use Istation) and EOG test data, report cards, discipline reports, surveys, and student composition data (socioeconomic, ethnicity, and students with disabilities). Upon careful examination of the data sources, we identified the following patterns about the learning needs of our students: developmental deficiencies in reading, language, and math upon entering school; a high number of chronic tardiness and absences; a large number of discipline referrals with highest infractions for defiance and lack of respect for others. 


   We believe that our students will grow and be successful learners by setting goals, creating priorities, respecting others, working together effectively, and finding balance in their lives. Our staff will prepare students to be successful through rigorous academic work and career preparation. Our school will provide a safe and nurturing environment that will enable students to become globally competitive.