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Spindale Elementary School
Bee Your Best!
How To "BEE" A Leader
The 7 Habits Classrooms Hallways Cafeteria Bathrooms Playgrounds Assemblies Buses
Be Proactive
I Am In Charge of Myself
Do your best work. Bring what you need for where you are going. Stay seated and keep your area clean. Be prompt and clean up. Play the right way. Keep hands/feet and objects to self. Stay seated and follow rules.
Begin With The End in Mind
I Have a Plan
Be Prepared Take the shortest path and walk on the right side. Wait patiently. Use the restroom appropriately. Safety first. Be seated quickly. Go to your bus quickly.
Put First Things First
Work First, Then Play
Follow directions the first time given. Face forward. Eat first, then talk. Remember to flush. Finish your work first. Pay attention to have fun. Sit down - then chat.
Think Win-Win
Everybody Can Win
Be kind; encourage others Remind others kindly. Use good manners Allow for privacy of others. Be a good sport. Celebrate others. Use kind words with others.
Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
Listen First, Then Talk
Listen first before you ask. Follow Zone Rules. Talk quietly. Take turns. Listen to your friends' feelings. Be an active listener. Use quiet voices.
Together is Better
Work Well Together Keep hands and feet to self. Help others. Wait patiently. Share and play fair. Participate appropriately. Cooperate with others.
Sharpen The Saw
Balance Feels Best
Care for all belongings. Enjoy displays with eyes only. Nourish your body. Wash hands. Run and have fun! Celebrate your acheivements. Enjoy the ride.


7for7 Celebrations

7for7 Celebrations take place after all classrooms receive 7 Bees for practicing the 7 Habits. Bee
PositivBehavior Intervention and ​Support
As of October 6th, 2016 Spindale Elementary has earned Green Ribbon Recognition!
Modeling great behavior one student at a time!

There are several efforts at Spindale Elementary School that we are passionate about.  One of them is developing positive behavior in every student.  Below are ways we are promoting POSITIVE choices at Spindale:

Honey Combs - If your child receives a honey comb, he/she has been caught making good choices somewhere on campus.  The staff member marks the positive choice the student was making and then gives the honeycomb to the child.  Students place the honeycomb into the "Honey Pot" in the office.  Each Friday, five honeycombs are drawn from the pot and the winners receive a free ice cream.  All honeycombs are then collected and counted.  At the end of each six weeks, the student who has the most honeycombs, is named the Leader of the Class.  

Honey Bees - Each classroom can earn Honey Bees for making good choices throughout the school.  Honey Bees are posted outside of each classroom.  When every classroom in the entire school earns seven Honey Bees, the entire schools is treated to a reward!

Cool and Classy Each class earns color-coded cards, green-yellow-red, when they travel to P.E., music, guidance, art, library, and/or computer throughout the week.  At the end of each six weeks, all Cool and Classy classes are rewarded.  The coolest class in each grade level is selected to win the Cool and Classy banner.
Leader of the Bus - *New: One student from K-2 and one student from 3-5 per bus will be chosen as Bus Leader for the 6-weeks.  In order to be selected by the bus driver, each student must exhibit and model the Leader in Me Bus Expectations as stated on the Leader in Me matrix.                                          

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